Good Services – Book notes

Reading Time: 4 minutes

I’ve gathered these notes a while ago after reading it. I will start to put my notes from books (or recorded talks for example), as blog posts for me, but also, to be able to share with people who don’t have time to read.

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My first UX Scotland conference

Reading Time: 10 minutes

After seeing people talking about it on social medias the last two years, wishing I could go too, I finally went there this week.

My name badge and a photo of lots of 'social communication' badges - Saying I speak to anyone, or I'm happier if I speak 2nd
My name badge and my ‘social communication’ badge — Yes! “I talk to anyone”, at a conference or anywhere else…
Photo of the social communication badges is from @ania_ch
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Learning about Accessibility

Reading Time: 6 minutes
banner header for the accessibility conference on the 9th November 2018

Since July, I’ve been learning more about Accessibility. I did two online courses and yesterday I was at the Accessibility Scotland conference in Edinburgh (my first ever conference!) which I really enjoyed. So if you would like to learn more about it too (and really, everyone should) I thought I’d share my notes.

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