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Applying for EU settled status – part 2

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Reading Time: 5 minutes

This time, I’ll tell you how you get the news and what to do to prove your status to someone…. part 3 will be how fun it is to apply for a child.

screenshot with a picture of Gobo Fraggle stating he has settled status


  • May 2005: move from France to Scotland
  • June 2016: Brexit referendum
  • March 2017: Article 50 is triggered
  • January 2019: the scheme opens, I make my 1st attempt to apply for settled status but can’t pass the second scan of my passport step
  • May 2019: 2nd attempt, passport scans ok, but they only give me pre-settled status and want me to mail my passport. 2 calls and 3 emails to get them to withdraw the application.
  • September 2019: start of my 3rd attempt which I described in more details in part 1 here.
  • November 2019: got it! — and now starting an application for one of my children

It usually takes 5 working days but can take up to a month…yeah or more like 7 to 8 weeks

When you call them, this is what the message at the start says: 5 working days, but in some cases: up to a month. This is between submitting your evidence and getting a final answer.

They might get back to you in the mean time if they need more information.

I’ve heard nothing back for 7 weeks. I did email them after 3 weeks and got a long answer via email.

“All applications are considered on a case-by-case basis and, therefore, we are unable to give a timescale for completion. However, helping you obtain your status is of utmost importance to us. Please rest assured that we will notify the caseworker today of your email and concerns.”

— EU Settlement Resolution Centre

I called after 7 weeks, and again, they were really nice on the phone:

“I’ll escalate your case as it’s been a bit stuck.”

That did resolve the issue. The next day, I got 2 emails, each with a PDF letter attached. “You should read this carefully as it tells you about your status…”

screenshot of the email saying there is an important letter with this email telling about my status.

The first letter is in fact just a certificate of application. Something I should have gotten 7 weeks ago. I was a bit disappointed to say the least ahahaha!

The second letter arrived shortly after the first and was the real thing. 5 pages long.

heading of the letter stating I've got indefinite Leave in the United Kingdom also referred as Settled Status.
Best part of the 5 pages for me

What does this status means?

This means that you have a secure status under UK law and there is no time limit on how long you can stay in the UK.

You can continue to:

  • work in the UK
  • use the NHS
  • enrol in education or continue studying
  • access public funds such as benefits and pensions, if you are eligible for them
  • travel in and out of the UK

This letter is not a proof of your status

It can’t be used to prove your status with employers, landlords, or other organisations/agencies.

To prove my status, I need:

  • internet access
  • my mobile phone or access to my emails
  • my passport number

In the future, if I renew my passport, or change my email address or my mobile phone number, I need to tell the Home Office. If I don’t, then I’d be unable to prove my status. I can change these online if needed and …it looks easy but who knows.

To prove your status to someone

You go to this service: ‘View and Prove your Settled and Pre-Settled Status’:

So again, I enter my passport number, date of birth, choose to receive a code via email or text, enter the code and … tadaaa!

screenshot with an ID photo, my full name, text stating I've got the status and options to update my data or prove my status
I still don’t understand the need for the Rotate button, but this is my favourite feature, by far!

So you can show that screen to them I suppose.

You can also send them a code

According to the screenshot below, you might need to do that post Brexit to use the NHS, open a bank account, to get a job, or rent a house.

screenshot of why you might need to share your status + selecting if it's an employer or someone else you want to share with
I selected “Someone else”

You get a preview with a bit less info on this — but still the ‘Rotate’ button (Why??? – answer at the end)

similar screenshot with photo ID and my full name with mention 'has settled status'
screenshot showing a code to send, and the steps, link to the service, giving your DOB and code and button to send an email

I used the ‘Send code by email’. The person I had asked to check for me got an email with the code, and a link …. to the feedback. So they had to search for the website. Not the worse thing to have to do, but seriously … no link to the service in the email? And Why would you give feedback at that point as you have not used the service yet?

email sent to the person explaining what do do and with a link…but to the feedback not to the service

From there it worked. They had to say what their job title was, who they work for and why they want to check my status. I was a bit disappointed that my photo was not upside-down. 

Edit 09/02/20: Rotate button

I’ve asked about the rotate button on the UK Government Digital Slack and got an answer. I’ts because sometimes, the photo you take with your phone might not appear correctly rotated: Why Your Photos Don’t Always Appear Correctly Rotated

Next step: applying for my children

Now that I have the status, two of my 3 children can apply with me as a ‘sponsor’ as they are under 21. We started that same evening with my youngest, and of course we had to provide more info, which we did. If you want to know about this, it is in part 3.

Note: In case some are wondering, I’ve removed my maiden name, middle name, reference number and other info and replaced them by *** or covered them in the screenshots, but it was there in the first place.