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Resources about Service Design

Reading Time: < 1 minute What is service design? Digital 9 Common Myths about Service Design – Scottish Government Digital Blog Service Design. Excuse me… what?. “ – by Mariel Macia Service Design. Translators across people, business and tech – by Mariel Macia How does it compare with other roles? Comparing service design and business… Read More »Resources about Service Design

Liberating Structures

Reading Time: 9 minutes

This week, I attended a participative event to explore how Liberating Structures can shape Scottish public service change work. It was a really good day, great atmosphere, very relax yet productive. Most participants had been experimenting with Liberating Structures in their work and could share this experience, but it was also about reflecting, as a facilitator, how it can feel for the group we are using it with, especially when they are new to it.

people in the room placed at different areas and facing different directions
Photo from David Heath on Twitter
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What I’ve learnt from GDS (Government Digital Service)- and what you could take from it too

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Last month, I was involved in a User Research session for the GDS team – as a participant. Since 2017, I’ve observed, facilitated or took notes in many UR sessions, but it was my first time as a participant. It was a bit strange to be on the other side. This made me reflect and realise how important the GDS has been in my career journey.

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