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Brioche (recipe)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ingredients: In a bowl, mix 280g of flour, with 50g of sugar, and the salt. In a cup, mix 60g melted butter with the milk and 60ml of water, the mix should be lukewarm when you add the yeast and leave for 5min. Mix with the rest, then add the… Read More »Brioche (recipe)

Galette des rois (French recipe)

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Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s a bit early this year but I baked one today and thought I’d share the recipe. (direct access to the recipe) Where does it come from? From the Middle Ages in France, the Epiphany has been celebrated with a cake: la galette des rois, literally the King’s cake. The… Read More »Galette des rois (French recipe)