Liberating Structures

Reading Time: 9 minutes This week, I attended a participative event to explore how Liberating Structures can shape Scottish public service change work. It was a really good day, great atmosphere, very relax yet productive. Most participants had been experimenting with Liberating Structures in their work and could share this experience, but it was… Read More »Liberating Structures

Beer bread

Reading Time: 2 minutes As this blog is mostly for me to have things ready to share, I might as well add recipes as people often ask me for them. This one is really easy, no bread maker needed. You will need: 660g of flour (simple one, not the self raising type) 1 tea… Read More »Beer bread

Self-organisation — How do we give the power back to the people?

Reading Time: 8 minutes From empowering teams at work, to workers taking back control and communities getting together to lead the change they want to see happen. Quite often, you hear/read about a concept somewhere, and then it keeps popping up elsewhere. Recently, for me, it was about people self-organising to reach their goals.… Read More »Self-organisation — How do we give the power back to the people?

Tube Map — Make your own

Reading Time: 4 minutes A while ago, I saw Sanjay Poyzer’s journey to become a service designer. I decided to use the same idea to map my professional journey for LinkedIn. I didn’t have any fancy software, so I used as it’s free. is not the easiest tool but the result is good once you get used to… Read More »Tube Map — Make your own