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Ice cream base (recipe)

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

This is something I used to do at kids parties: do your own ice cream.

No need for a fancy machine, just two ingredients.

little pots of ice cream with trace of jam at the top, behind, there is a pot of whipping cream, a pot of jam and a tin of condensed milk

You need:

  • 600ml of whipping cream
  • one tin of condensed milk
  • ingredients to add to the base

Create the base

It’s really simple, whip the cream, make sure you don’t do it for too long so it doesn’t become butter (it should just become thicker). Add the condensed milk and mix slowly with a spoon. That’s your base done.

Be creative

You can add any ingredient now. I’ve used pieces of digestive with jam today. You can add chocolat spread, or melted chocolate and roasted nuts, or peanut butter (dilute it a little) and pieces of peanut butter cups, various berries, various pieces of biscuits, caramel etc …

Don’t mix too much, it will look nicer.

Be patient

That’s the tough part …. put in the freezer and try to wait for 4 hours. That’s it.

Kids parties

Not sure this is ideal in a COVID context as you’ll be sharing ingredients probably. But I used to have them create their own little pot of ice cream at the start, only allowed 2 ingredients to avoid crazy ideas.

small pots of ice cream just made, some with raspberry jam at the top, others with caramel and some with chocolate

Later they would come to make their own pizza (I have a bread machine, pizza dough programme):

  • one already spread ball of dough each
  • they add the tomato sauce
  • add some cheese
  • add ingredients they pick: ham, olives, goat cheese, mushrooms (some kids do like it!), pieces of peppers, chorizo for example (but no corn – too far!)
  • sprinkle some oregano (dangerous step)

This can still be ok with COVID as it will cooked at high temperature (?).