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Assess a service

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I’m building a little tool with the GOV.UK prototype kit and assessment frameworks shared publicly. It’s under construction.You can try it here (it will ask you for a password, it’s assess)

4 mini screens to illustrate the flow


Recently, I had the chance to get a training with Lou Downe and their Good Service Scale to assess a service.

At the UCD Gathering conference I learned a lot about cognitive biases thanks to David Dylan Thomas (video of a similar talk here), he mentioned a tool from Spotify to do an Ethics assessment.

In the public sector, we have Service Standard assessments to follow before our services can go live.

So I thought it might be nice to have all of them in one place as options to do a quick assessment.

Not sure a website is useful

The Good Service Scale and the Spotify Ethics assessment are both Google docs or spreadsheets. I don’t think a website is adding much to be fair. It might be useful for people who can’t access Google docs because of work restrictions, but then Lou Downe offers alternative formats already.

For the governments’ service standards though, most teams usually struggle to keep up and check themselves so maybe there is a use there?

Work in progress

Happy to get feedback as it’s just started and done by myself for now. It’s just a prototype.

You can see the work in progress here: the password is assess

And the code is here:

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