Reading Time: 2 minutes


  • 385g of flour (280 + 105)
  • 150g of sugar (50 + 100)
  • half a tea spoon of salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 100g of melted butter (60 + 40)
  • 80ml of milk
  • one table spoon of yeast

In a bowl, mix 280g of flour, with 50g of sugar, the salt.

In a cup, mix 60g melted butter with the milk and 60ml of water, the mix should be lukewarm, when you add the yeast and leave for 5min. Mix with the rest, then add the eggs and the rest of the flour (105g). Knead for 10min.

Cover and leave in the bowl for an hour at least to raise.

Spread the dough to make a rectangle of about 50cm X 30cm.

on a table the dough is spread in a rectangle, all that is needed is there around it: a glass with melted butter, a brush, a buttered cake tin, a bowl of sugar and a knife

Spread the remaining of the melted butter (40g) on the dough and then sprinkle the sugar.

the rectangle of dough is shinier with the melted butter and the sugar is unevenly spread with some patch with more sugar

Cut in about 15 squares, and cut them in two again so it fits in the buttered cake tin.

the rectangle of dough is cut in 15 rectangles
the rectangles of dough at piled up horizontally in the cake tin

Leave to raise again for 30min or more

the same cake tin now show that the dough has raised in it

Put in the over at 175ºC for at least 30min, the sides should be well baked.

the brioche is out of the oven now, we can see the same patterns of pieces of dough but golden now, with lots of differences in the colours, shapes and texture as some have excess sugar on them