My first UX Scotland conference

Reading Time: 10 minutes

After seeing people talking about it on social medias the last two years, wishing I could go too, I finally went there this week.

My name badge and a photo of lots of 'social communication' badges - Saying I speak to anyone, or I'm happier if I speak 2nd
My name badge and my ‘social communication’ badge — Yes! “I talk to anyone”, at a conference or anywhere else…
Photo of the social communication badges is from @ania_ch
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When I’m older, I want to be a Service Designer — says no one ever

Reading Time: 6 minutes

I’ve never been too sure about what I wanted to do “when I’m older”.

I’ve worked in banks, in an airport, in a research lab, in schools, in a shop counting money with a “gangster style” machine, in video games (testing and support), teaching French to kids, to adults, and worked as a software developer. After all these years, I’ve finally got the job that’s the best fit for me: Service Designer.

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Learning about Accessibility

Reading Time: 6 minutes
banner header for the accessibility conference on the 9th November 2018

Since July, I’ve been learning more about Accessibility. I did two online courses and yesterday I was at the Accessibility Scotland conference in Edinburgh (my first ever conference!) which I really enjoyed. So if you would like to learn more about it too (and really, everyone should) I thought I’d share my notes.

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